The Allure of Underwater Freshwater Fish Watching

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I have long harbored an interest in the lives of wildlife. However, catching a glimpse into the intimate aspects of their existence, such as breeding and survival, is typically challenging. They don’t often reveal themselves to onlookers. But freshwater fish are different. Observing them underwater, they unexpectedly unveil their lives to us. That’s why I adore the underwater observation of fish. Here, I aim to share with you this passion by highlighting three distinct advantages of underwater observation.

1. Experiencing Another World
Beneath the water’s surface lies a world akin to an alternate universe. Fish and landscapes invisible from above exist in this hidden realm. When we look below the surface, a kaleidoscope of fish in various colors, along with a fantastical scenery shaped by light and shadow, emerges. Experiencing this unique world is filled with discoveries unlike anything on land.

2. proaching the Wild
When we try to approach wild fish from above the water, they notice us from a distance and quickly flee. However, it’s a different story underwater. In this environment, fish don’t perceive us as a significant threat, allowing us to quietly get as close as about two meters. This proximity enables us to observe the daily life and behavior of fish closely, an opportunity that’s rare with other wildlife.

3. The Simplicity of the Method
Observing fish in rivers requires little special permission or preparation in Japan. All you need are a dry suit and a snorkel. With these, you can immediately start your adventure. Unlike other methods of interacting with wildlife, such as fishing, underwater observation allows for harmonious enjoyment with nature without harming the animals.

Snorkeling in a mountainstream

The underwater world of rivers offers us a new perspective in exploring unknown ecosystems. Observing underwater, we see the river’s ecosystem not just as a distant view but as a vibrant community. I encourage you to don a dry suit and dive into this mysterious world beneath the surface. Surprises and awe await you.